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For many years we counselled against bringing the sales forward to pre-Christmas however they slipped and it became the norm.  We now hear that the Christmas spend gets later and later and we are asked why.  The answer is not a revelation, customers are not daft they are now waiting for the Sales seeking better value.   Despite this trend a substantial chunk of Christmas sales still happened in late November, now we have let Black Friday out of the bag, there will be no going back, meaning even more sales at lower prices and margin.  Black Friday created a burst of sales; however from our observations a less than satisfying experience for our customers, on and off line, many retailers are still suffering the consequences of Black Friday.  Retailers are resilient and adaptive to change and will adapt to new trading patterns, however we are driving our product prices lower and lower  to a position that we believe the customers cannot understand the true value of a product, after all the value of a product is what you pay for it isn’t it?  

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