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Lots to be positive about for Scottish town centres There is the Scottish Parliaments  Town Centre Plan, an active Scottish Towns Partnership  the BIDs Scotland program  and councils recognising the part a vibrant town centres play in the wellbeing and perception of our cities and  towns.

The Retailer Group has been involved in supporting Fraserburgh for over three years most recently with the Aberdeenshire Councils excellent Retail Plus Initiative and it is making a real difference in many ways. We are well under way with another town and about to start a third.  

Aberdeenshire are hosting ATC, Aberdeenshire Town Conference on the 18th March in Peterhead. We are delighted to support this and make a contribution in that Gordon Bell our Managing Director will be speaking.

Many of the plans and initiatives are medium to long term and will in time bear fruit, it is equally important we continue with programs like Retail Plus that can have an impact now to support our retailers particularly the independents, these programs maintain confidence and build momentum of recovery.   


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