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Online Trading

Few retail businesses could fail to benefit in some way from an internet presence. By offering customers an alternative way to view and buy your products, you are effectively extending your opening hours and reaching out to a far wider audience.

Online sales continue to grow steadily year-on-year, and while not all sales are incremental, making a strong web presence an integral part of your business strategy will also drive sales through your store.

We have set up many online stores and have access to cost-effective solutions for small to medium retailers. If you already have an information site, we can attach the trading element, incorporating the style of your existing site.

We also make sure that the infrastructure is in place to fulfil orders and maintain high standards of service, an aspect often neglected by those rushing to establish an online presence. When we began advising clients on web trading, we were struck by the mass of confusing and contradictory advice we were given.

 We decided to start at the business end by specifying the key functional requirements and simplifying the population and maintenance process. One of our key aims was to minimise the time and expense of maintaining sites.

We have sourced a cost-effective solution that works, is scalable and can be up and trading in four weeks.

We stress that we do not sell web sites. Our role is to guide you through the introduction of online trading - the design and build process - ensuring you receive value for money and a return on your investment