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Retail Operations

Retail businesses are facing the most difficult consumer downturn in recent memory, however, it is also a period of great opportunity for some existing and new brands. All retailers will, however, have to revisit their core operations to ensure they can deliver their promise, whilst operational costs are stringently controlled.

The basics of daily standards and disciplines are often neglected by some of the best known names on the high street, often producing poor visual merchandising, disinterested staff and a general lack of excitement.

When times are testing, experience can make a huge difference. We deliver high quality input from vastly experienced retail professionals in key operational areas. Our hands-on-aproach to projects means that we can guide you through the entire process to enhance both the customer experience and the bottom line.

Retail operations are all about the point of contact with your customer, if this does not fulfill expectations the best back up team in the world will not make a difference.

As retail operations impact every area of the business, our two directors of regional operations Gordon Bell and Gordon Macpherson specalise in this area.

Gordon McPhersonGordon MacPherson Managing Director/CEO

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