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Branch Manager Coaching

Retail branch management can be an isolated job, often many miles from senior management in head offices.  We individually tailor programmes based on the needs of the particular manager, the branch and the business as a whole.

The retailer will help managers to focus on the key issues affecting their branch in addition to their own personal development.  By working with the managers in their stores, we ensure that everything we do is directly relevant to the manager's individual working environment.

Management and Motivation

Branch managers often reach their positions through a variety of routes.  Efficient in procedures and secure in product knowledge, they can find the extra skills required for effective management hard to acquire.

We offer a one-day intensive course, taking managers through the disciplines of recruitment, interviewing skills, induction, training and motivation.  We then introduce the empowering personal agenda, through which managers agree a set of priorities and objectives that bring together their professional and personal goals.

Visual Merchandising and Store Layout

We all know how important it is that our stores make a positive visual impression on customers.  The Retailer guides managers and staff through the fundamentals of store layout, adjacency and circulation, progressing to cover visual merchandising and display techniques.  By encouraging initiative and self-criticism in the stores where staff will be applying their new skills, this course has real relevance to daily work experience.  We provide staff with the skills and confidence to maximise the visual excitement and appeal within their stores or departments.

Buying Administration

The Retailer Group can provide support and training to buyers at all levels, concentrating on organisation, administration, efficiency and best practise.  We can provide range planning and product development expertise in the form of ongoing support, or as an intensive short course covering basic techniques.  As with all our training programmes, we tailor the course content to your needs, working with you to strengthen this key resource.